Catch Eyes On Screens

More than 1.5 billion users are on Facebook and over 140 million users are on Twitter on a daily basis, meaning that there is a lot of potential to reach future customers by sharing captivating social media graphics with engaging content regularly.

When you think about your own newsfeed scrolling habits, generally high quality, dynamic images with minimal text are the gold standard for enticing graphics. In a sense, each post graphic is a miniature digital billboard, except it’s far easier to be able to see the phone number to call or website address to visit for more information.

Christine Fuller’s proficiency with Adobe’s suite of creative programs can be your resource for social media graphics.

Social Media Graphics and Services by Christine Fuller | C Fuller Design in Naples, Florida

At Your Service

Christine Fuller is a professional web and graphic designer based in Naples, Florida who has experience working for agencies, a local non-profit, as well as her communities school district during her twelve year career. Her biggest strengths are her dedication, work ethic, and artistic attention to detail.

What Will Social Media Graphics Cost?

The total cost of a new social media graphic is a combination of the total number of content licenses required for its creation along with the design time required to complete it, usually no more than 1-2 hours depending on the content provided.
Rates By The Hour
Christine Fuller’s hourly rate is $40 and is billable by the quarter hour. If preferred, a detailed activity log can be provided along with your invoice. This billing method is best for small social media items, such as a single graphic or branded profile and cover images.
Rates By The Project
If monthly social media graphics are preferred, a project estimate determines the scope of the work, related expenses, and anticipated design time. Half of estimate is required to begin your graphics, with the remaining balance paid upon completion.
Project Related Expenses

Content Licenses

When required, licenses for specialty fonts or graphics are purchased to legally be used for your new social media graphics. Pricing for content licenses from royalty-free stock providers can vary by the type (single user or multiple seats) and how it’s used.

Post Boosting

Paying to boost a social media post gives your business the potential to reach new customers by utilizing the platforms user demographics such as geographical location, gender, age, interests, household specifics (such as single, married, has children, etc.), and more.

Logo Design

Your logo may be the way that social media users visually discern your company from another and consistency across social media third party platforms helps to build audience trust.

Landing Website

Websites give you the ability to communicate information and drive leads to contact you through engaging call to actions without being limited by any social media platform’s tools.


Custom Mobile Friendly Website,
PLUS 5 Years Hosting FREE

Christine Fuller will design a mobile friendly WordPress website to act as your digital flagship in the sea of the internet (typically about $4,000) and cover your website hosting fees with her for five years. Added bonus of 50% off on her hourly rate* on all future website content updates and additions for the first five participating clients.
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